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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains to you what type of data SpideyGames collects from users when they interact with our service. We are committed to protecting your privacy, that’s why we have adopted an online privacy policy that governs how we store, collect, and use the information we gather about you online.

Please read this privacy policy carefully, because by using our service you are giving us the right to collect your information.

Please Note: Our Privacy Policy applies to all the users/visitors who interact with our service.

What Information We Collect

For our services, we collect the minimum amount of information about you to give you the best experience on our platform. We collect the following types of information when a user interact with our service —


Register an account - When you register for an account on our platform, we collect personal information about you such as username, email id, phone number, IP address etc.


Profile Information - We also collect your profile information such as your full name, user id, your image to make easy for others to search you on our platform.


User Content - Images, Messages & other types of user content that you post under the service.


Location - Our service asks you to allow us to identify your location. If you allow us to use your location, it helps us to connect you with the nearest users from your location that our using our services. But, If you don’t want to share your location then you can simply disallow it.


Contact List Access - SpideyGames may ask you about your contact list access permission to connect you with your contacts that are already using our services. But, If you don’t want to share your contact list with us then you can simply disallow it.


Transaction Data - If you purchase a product or service from us then we collect some of your data it may include your payment information and details of the product and services.


Communication Between you and us - We can use your email id and phone number to send service-related Mails(such as our new updates and changes, news etc) and promotional emails/text. If you don’t want to receive these emails then you can unsubscribe us.


Data Related to Third-Party Services - If you use any third-party service like “Invite your friends from Facebook” to connect with your Facebook friends then you need to know that whatever information we get from the third party is the part of our privacy policy.


Analytics Information - To improve our services and give you the best experience, we may use third-party analytical tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Facebook ads and so on. With the help of these tools, we track information about your behavior and personal usage data(such as total winnings, recently played games) under our services. This helps us to generate an annual report for our users.

Use of Cookies

This website or app uses cookies to improve the use of our website or app. this cookie is a small file which website or app will often store on your computer. When cookies are stored on your personal computer system they will provide a convenient and in easy method for our website or app to personalize your experience through our website or app. These cookies can allow us to remember the screen name you have, for example or let us know that you have visited our website or app in thepast. The information stored in these cookies can make your next experience on our website or app more enjoyable. The information stored in a cookie does not contain personally identifiable information. If you want more information about cookies and what they do you can visit to learn more about them.

Our Log Files

Other information that is not of a personal nature is collected by this website or app in the form of a log. These are files that record the website or app activity including the number of hits that a web page may be receiving which is also referred to as click-through data. An example of this log entry is when a visitor ends up clicking on the home icon located on our site. This sort of Entry allows to assess the site activity throughout our website or app and we use this information to improve the overall user experience. When we use these log files we may sometimes collect information about your computer system such as the type of browser you are using whether it is Internet Explorer, Chrome, or another type of web browser. We may also collect information about the type of operating system you’re using such as Mac OS, windows, or another operating system.

Links to Third Party Sites at some point may provide links from the website or app to we own to a third-party website or app. We encourage the users of this website or app to read the privacy policies of other third-party sites before you send them any personal information. Is not responsible for the content that is found on other third-party websites or apps which are linking from our website or app. hereby claims that we don’t have any representation or warranty expressed on any other site other than the sites we own. and Advertising

We permit the use of advertising on our site by other third-party advertisers. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies or similar technology to measure their campaign effectiveness. they may use this to deliver a better targeted experience to users or to Target future advertising campaigns. complies with data guidelines such as the 1998 Data Protection Act to ensure that the Privacy Information from our users is protected. All of our advertisers are instructed not to display the violent, sexual, alcohol, drug, or similar content on our website or app. If you find an infinitive advertisement or inappropriate advertisement on, please email us. some third-party websites or apps may collect various types of information about your visit to which may include interaction with the content located on

Cookies We Use

When you visit, we may use some of the following cookies and place these on your computer such as:

Session Cookies

These cookies will last throughout your visit but are destroyed once you close the browser or go to another site which is located outside of The information that is obtained through this sort of cookie will be used to analyze traffic patterns on the internet and to provide services that we offer.

Permanent Cookies

When you first visit, these are the cookies that will be enabled. These will then be stored on your user device and we'll retrieve information to allow for your navigation on the next visit to our website or app. These cookies do have an expiration date, but they last beyond just your first session. This type of cookie will enable us to give you personalized information when you visit our website or app or through your various preferences such as your language, and country of origin.

How We Use Your Information

Basically, all the information that we get from our users, help us to improve our services. The information helps us in the following things —


Give our users personalized experience


Connect the users with their Facebook friends and Contacts


To generate an annual report of each user


Share our updates, news and new features to our users


To comply with a legal requirement

Do We Share The Information with Others?

You should know that we are giving you a platform where you can play games, chat with strangers and share your content or information with others. That means other users can see, use and share your any kind of content or information that you make publicly available through the service, consistent with the terms and condition of this privacy policy.

But, we will not share or use your information with anyone except as mention in this privacy policy.

How We Deal with Legal Requests

For any legal requirements, we can use, save and share your information. If we found any kind of fraud and suspicious activity on our platform and it is essential to detect or address it then we can use, save and share your information to protect ourselves, you and others as a part of the investigation.

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy and service or found any illegal activity and fraud, then you can simply drop an email at [email protected].