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About Us

Spidey Games is dedicated to providing you fun and exciting free online games that you can play directly through your web browser. We have a wide range of fun games to play online. when you visit our site, you're going to find many different games for your enjoyment. these games cover various categories so you're sure to find one that is suited just for your individual style. We feature games that cover a wide range of popular gaming genres. Some of the categories we provide for you include.

Action Games

Everyone loves a good action game. We have a wide assortment of action games for your enjoyment and we are adding more all the time. Please check our site frequently to see what new action games we have added to our content.

Adventure Games

We feature a wide range of fun adventure games. If you love adventure games, you’re sure to find a ton of fun games to play on our site.

Arcade Games

If you love old style arcade games as we do, you'll love the various arcade games we have added to our website. We feature a wide range of these games for you to play and are always adding more. Come test your skill and try to get the high score through our Fun arcade games.

Skill Games

We feature a wide number of skill-based games, so you can test your skill and try to improve your score over time. There is a wide range of these games to play and we are always adding more.

Animal Games

If you have a love of animals, you're going to find a wide range of animal-based games through our website. These games are fun to play, and we are always adding more so be sure to check back to see what else we have added.

Puzzle Games

Sometimes you want to just relax and play a fun puzzle game. If you want to keep your brain working and guessing, try our fun puzzle games and we are sure you'll find a great one that you love for weeks to come.

Sports Games

We feature a wide range of sports games such as golf, soccer, football, cricket, and other sports-based games. These games can be a lot of fun and there is a wide range of sports-themed games that you can play through our website. Be sure to check the site often to see what new sports games we have added.

Shooting Games

Everyone loves a good shooting game and we have a wide range of these games for your enjoyment. If you want to sit back and blast to your heart's content, our games are for you.

Save Your Score and Leaderboard

When you sign up for our site, you'll be able to save your score and view the leaderboard. If you want to track your score and see how you're doing. This can be a fun way of trying to do better in the game because you're trying to beat the scores of other individuals who have played the game and have gotten a high score. As you can please games and get high scores, you will also be able to earn achievements through various games which are displayed on the game page once you receive them. The leaderboard on the game page shows the first place, second-place and third-place finisher in the game. You can try to get a placement here for each game that you play.

Fun Competition

Our games allow you to compete with other individuals to get a high score. If you wish to compete and have fun with others, then these games are going to be the right ones for you. We have a wide range of games for you to choose from so you're always going to find something fun to play and to compete in. Once you select a game, you’ll see the leaders, so you can try and beat those scores and then if you get the high score, this will be displayed on the game page for your own personal bragging rights.


You can register through an account through Google or just create a username and a password. You will then be able to view your profile and see how well you're doing in various games. You can also share the games through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to let other individuals and know about the games.

Fun for All

Our website is constantly adding new games, so you always find something fun here to play. We will be adding categories and other games on an ongoing basis, so you'll find something fun to play that you love. Be sure to create an account so you can take full advantage of everything our site has to offer. You can submit a game or a query about our games if you like. Please contact us at [email protected].