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skill Games

Online Skill Games

Looking to warm up your brain with free online puzzle and quiz games that challenge your logical thinking? Try one of our skill games to stimulate your brain while improving your quick thinking and learning skills. These games are designed with the core idea of solving puzzles and awarding players with points. These challenges increase in difficulty as the player progresses further into the game.

These games include Village Story, the classic "river crossing puzzle" where speed is key to getting more points. Happy Halloween Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle game where you need to complete the image before you move on to the next level. Maze Lover puts you in a maze where you have to reach your lover before the timer runs out. Pixel Challenge is another game demanding precise control over your movements to avoid getting reset by the spikes and lava. In Outswipe, you have plan your moves to fill the empty spaces with colour.

What are the most popular skill games?

Test your skills in a variety of games like Light Rays, where planning your move is crucial, given the limited amount of moves and Halloween Bingo where you can play the Bingo game online with a Halloween theme, at the comfort of your house.

Reduce your stress with the collection of our skill games and have fun. With free online skill games such as Light Rays, Village Story and more, players can be challenged to analyze the situation and carefully plan their next move as it can easily define the outcome of the situation.