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role-playing Games

Playing Games as Multiple Characters

If you love playing games as multiple characters, diving into their stories, then you will find our collection of free online role-playing games very entertaining. These games will put you in control of various characters, each with a unique narrative, interesting storyline and gameplay style. These games will let you control how the storyline proceeds based on your actions.

Captain War Zombie Killer puts you in the boots of a soldier, with an arsenal of weapons at your disposal you must clear the battlefield of enemies and reach your camp at the end of the level. The Office Guy puts you in control of an employee who is fighting for his life with a variety of weapons, the goal is to complete the objective while staying alive. Cowboy Shoot Zombies lets you control a cowboy who is trying to escape the zombies by shooting them and earns coins and powerups.

You play as a knight in Knights Diamond trapped in an old dungeon filled with dead soldiers and traps, fighting for your way out. Santa on Skates tests your quick reflexes with carefully placed obstacles and level design, changes in character speed demand a well-planned jump to complete the level.

Every time you play these games, you will find yourself in a unique situation with a variety of options to drive the story from. With plenty of characters, you will have no shortage of options to pick your hero of choice.