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Best Level Games for Kids

If you are more of a story-driven gameplay lover, this is the perfect section for you. Level games have been immensely popular with the kids as they have a fun time beating the levels while learning how to play the games. With multiple free online games focussing on completing the current level to progress to the next one, you can be sure to find something of your liking here. The idea behind these games is to complete the given objective with simple clicks and taps within the given time so that the player may advance to the next level, with each level bringing a new type of challenge to conquer.

Carefully and intricately designed games and levels add to the thrill of gameplay and with each progression, you become better and quicker. With games such as Road Fight , where you focus on completing the race, survival is key in Captain War Monster Rage and Jungle War while Vex 4 presents unique challenges with remarkable level design and engaging gameplay.

With many of our free online levels games such as the classic Stickman Fighter Epic Battles, Soldier Combat and more, filled with multiple levels to complete, the player community is sure to lose track of time in this category trying to complete all the games.

The gameplay style of our casual games is very relaxing and players can simply have an enjoyable time playing a variety of games in the category involving simple interactions like jumping, climbing and doing flips.