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casual Games

Best Casual Android Games

Are you bored enough to pick any specific category or just don't like the other categories? Then our casual games section might just be the right place for you. All of our free casual games offer loads of fun and are sure to keep you entertained for a long time, whether you're doing flips in Stud Rider, jumping your way through with Jumpy Kangaroo. These games offer a balanced mix of easy and challenging games depending on the player's skill level.

Including games like Feed Bobo, where your mission is to feed our character, Bobo, with the right dessert in the right sequence, one wrong tap and you're done. Rolling Panda is another game where you need to climb as higher as possible, avoiding the rough patches on the wall. In Dino Jump, the goal is to go as far as you can by stepping on the rocks at the right time. .

Rack up your score in Stud Rider by doing the most flips while keeping an eye on your fuel meter. Timing your jumps right is the key to winning Jumpy Kangaroo and be sure to land on the platform to stack points. Control a cute blob of jelly in Jelly Jump, taking it higher with each jump, the goal is to jump high enough to avoid the spikes.

The gameplay style of our casual games is very relaxing and players can simply have an enjoyable time playing a variety of games in the category involving simple interactions like jumping, climbing and doing flips.